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Handmade Glass Chamber and Cap Replacement

S$ 17.00
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All of our aesthetic glass chambers are handmade and compatible with our bamboo wood base.

Please note that the glass chamber and caps are not under warranty. However, the bamboo base device purchased from our official store is entitled to one year warranty (please refer to our warranty terms and conditions).

Product Specifications:


Bamboo Base for Nebulizing Diffuser



Product size



250 ~ 300g

LED Light



Intermittent mode

Atomise 5 mins, rest 3 mins, auto shut-off after 2 hours.

Atomise 5 mins, rest 3 mins, auto shut-off after 3 hours.

Rated Voltage



USB/DC, 120cm length


5V 1A

Noise Level


Diffusion Coverage

Approx. 20-40sqm


1 year warranty for device purchased from Earth Esprit official store starting from purchase date.


  • Waterless - No water required. Please use only pure plant based essential oil.

  • Heatless - Cold air nebulizing.

  • Nano Atomization - Atomizing the essential oil into a mist of tiny molecules.

  • Sustainable Material - Glass and Bamboo wood base. No plastic.

  • LED Light - Led light at the base of the glass chamber. Option of warm light or multi color

  • Intermittent Mode - Atomize 5 mins, rest 3 mins. Auto shut-off after 3 hours. No worry of over diffusing of essential oils.

  • Light Weight - 360g only

  • Low Noise - 20~40dB

Care Instructions:

  • Clean the glass chamber periodical to avoid oil clog. 
  • Use only pure essential oil. Please avoid thick essential oil such as sandalwood oil or patchouli oil as it will clog the diffusers easily.

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