• ERS10166-10s Mugwort Mosquito Repellent Stick
  • ERS10166 Mugwort Mosquito Repellent Stick 01
  • ERS10166 Mugwort Mosquito Repellent Stick 03
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Mugwort Mosquito Repellent Stick

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This mugwort mosquito repellent stick made of mugwort fibre wrapped in cotton paper.

10 sticks in a pack. 2 hours burn time per stick.

Stick dimension: Ø1.5cm x 20cm length

Direction to use:

  1. Light the mosquito repellent stick with a match or lighter. 
  2. Once it was flamed, place it on a heat proof holder.
  3. Place the stick on a well-ventilated place, out of reach of children and pets.

For fire safety, please do not leave the flamed stick unattended.

Made in China.

*Stick holder not included in the package.