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Charcoal Tablets / Bakhoor Charcoal

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Environment friendly, smoke-less, odourless, quick lighting charcoal tablets.

Charcoal tablets are used to burn incense resin, powder and herbs.

KoKo Brand Charcoal Tablet:

  • Dia 35mm
  • Can last up to 1 hour per tablet.
  • 20 tubes per box, each tube contains 6 tablets. Total 120 tablets per box.

Hamil Al Musk Brand Charcoal Tablet:

  • Dia 33mm
  • Can last up to 45 mins per tablet.
  • 10 tubes per box, each tube contains 10 tablets. Total 100 tablets per box.

How to use it?

  1. Burn the charcoal tablet with a jet air lighter or on the stove top with help of charcoal tongs until red hot.
  2. Place the flamed charcoal tablet into a heat proof incense bowl/burner/censer.
  3. Add the aromatic resin or herbs on top of the charcoal tablet.


Do not leave the flamed charcoal unattended.
Extinguish the charcoal before disposing of it.
Keep out of reach of children.