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Lemongrass Essential Oil (Cymbopogon Citratus)

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Lemongrass Essential Oil, derived from the aromatic Cymbopogon Citratus plant, is a refreshing and uplifting oil renowned for its citrusy, lemony fragrance. This perennial herb, native to tropical regions, has long been valued for its versatile uses, ranging from aromatherapy to culinary applications.

Benefits and Uses

  • Diffusing lemongrass essential oil can instantly create a revitalizing atmosphere, promoting a sense of energy and alertness. Its uplifting aroma is often used to combat fatigue and promote mental clarity.
  • Lemongrass has natural insect-repelling properties, making its essential oil an excellent choice for keeping bugs at bay. Whether used in a diffuser or applied topically with a carrier oil, it serves as a natural and pleasant alternative to chemical-laden insect repellents.
  • Diluted in a carrier oil, it may help cleanse and tone the skin, offering support for those dealing with minor skin issues. Always perform a patch test before applying to larger areas of the skin.
  • Inhaling lemongrass's soothing aroma may help alleviate feelings of tension and stress, promoting a more relaxed and balanced state of mind.
  • When diluted and massaged onto tense areas, it can provide a soothing and warming sensation, aiding in the relaxation of muscles and joints.
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil may help alleviate occasional digestive discomfort. Dilute and massage onto the abdomen, or inhale the aroma to support a healthy digestive system.

Botanical Name

Cymbopogon citratus

Extraction Method

Steam distillation

Plant Part




Main Compounds

Limonene, citral, myrcene, geraniol, citronellol, geranyl acetate, neral, and nerol

Aromatic Description

Fresh earthy, citrusy

Perfumery Note


Strength of Initial Aroma



Non-toxic, possible dermal irritation and/or sensitization in some individuals – use with care.Perform a patch test to check for any allergic reactions. Pregnant women and individuals with certain medical conditions should consult with a healthcare professional before using. Diluting with a carrier oil is recommended for topical application.

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