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  • EMB10169 Palo Santo Bracelet 01
  • EMB10169-8mm Palo Santo Bracelet
  • EMB10169-10mm Palo Santo Bracelet
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Palo Santo Bead Bracelet

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Palo Santo is traditionally used in spiritual and cleansing rituals. It is believed that wearing Palo Santo beads bracelets can help cleanse and purify one's energy, promote a sense of calm and balance, and provide protection from negative influences.

Similar to using Palo Santo incense, wearing a Palo Santo beads bracelet allows you to carry the pleasant aromatic throughout the day.

Palo Santo beads bracelets can be worn with specific intentions or affirmations in mind. You may use it as a reminder of your goals or as a talisman for protection and positivity.


Bead size available in 8mm, 10mm and 15mm. Bracelet is strectchable.

Can be personalised. If your bracelet size not available in the selection, please select "Personalisation" and enter your wrist size in the text box. We will make according to your wrist size.

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