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Peruvian Golden Copal Resin

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Our Peruvian Golden Copal Resin (a.k.a Amazon Gold Resin Incense) is a resin that exacted from the copal tree in Peru. It has been used for centuries by indigenous people in the region for incense, medicinal purposes, and in religious ceremonies.

Peruvian golden copal resin is highly prized for its sweet, slightly floral aroma.

Here are some commonly cited benefits of burning Golden Copal Resin:

  1. Spiritual cleansing: Burning golden copal resin is believed to have a purifying effect on the environment and on people's energy fields, helping to remove negative or stagnant energies.
  2. Spiritual connection: Copal resin has long been used in spiritual and religious practices as a means of connecting with the divine and accessing higher levels of consciousness.
  3. Enhancing meditation and relaxation: The sweet and calming aroma of copal resin can help to create a peaceful and relaxing environment, promoting deep relaxation and enhancing meditation practices.
  4. Boosting mental clarity and focus: The aroma of copal resin is believed to promote mental clarity and focus, helping to reduce stress and anxiety and enhance concentration.
  5. Aiding respiratory health: The smoke produced by burning copal resin has antiseptic properties that can help to purify the air and potentially alleviate respiratory problems such as coughing and congestion.
  6. Other than its uses in spiritual and healing practices, Peruvian golden copal resin is also used in perfumes and as an ingredient in natural insect repellents.

How to burn aromatic resin?

  1. First, burn a charcoal disc with stove top or jet-flame lighter until red-hot. 
  2. Place the charcoal disc inside the resin burner/ censer burner/ Bakhoor burner.
  3. Add a small amount of resin on top of the charcoal. 
  4. As the resin begins to burn, it will release a fragrant smoke. Enjoy the scent and the calming atmosphere it creates.
  5. When you are finished burning the aromatic resin, leaving it to cool completely before disposing of it.

Please note each package will contain natural resin powder and chunks.

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