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Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis)

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Rosemary essential oil is derived from the aromatic herb Rosmarinus officinalis, a member of the mint family. It is extracted through steam distillation of the plant's fresh flowering tops, yielding a potent oil with a distinctive woody, herbaceous aroma. This oil has been prized for centuries for its numerous therapeutic properties and versatile applications.

Benefits and Uses

  • Diffuse rosemary essential oil to improve mental clarity, boost mood, and create a stimulating environment conducive to productivity and focus.
  • Dilute with a carrier oil like coconut or almond oil and massage onto sore muscles or joints for pain relief and relaxation.
  • Add a few drops of rosemary oil to your shampoo or conditioner to promote scalp health, stimulate hair growth, and combat dandruff. 
  • Apply diluted rosemary oil topically to the abdomen to relieve digestive discomfort or to the temples and forehead to alleviate headaches.
  • Due to its antimicrobial properties, rosemary oil can be added to homemade cleaning solutions to disinfect surfaces and freshen the air. 
  • The strong scent of rosemary oil acts as a deterrent to mosquitoes and other insects, making it a safer alternative to chemical repellents.

For topical application, refer dilution ratios here.

Botanical Name

Rosmarinus officinalis

Extraction Method

Steam Distillation

Plant Part




Main Compounds

1,8- Cineole, α -Pinene, Camphene

Aromatic Description

Herbaceous, woody

Perfumery Note


Strength of Initial Aroma



Non-toxic, non-irritating, hypoallergenic. Not suitable for pregnant, breastfeeding or nursing women, high blood pressure and epilepsy patient.

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