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Selenite - Unpolished Rough Stick 4"

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Our unpolished rough selenite sticks are a natural stone of gypsum from Morocco. It is translucent and multifaceted.

Selenite is used for energy cleansing, meditation, protection, healing etc. 

How can you use Selenite?

  1. Place selenite in the main corners of your home or office to repel negative energy. 
  2. Recharge your crystals, smudges, tarot cards with positive energy by placing them on top of the selenite.
  3. Hold the selenite stick on your hand or place it near your body during meditation to help promote a sense of peace and spiritual healing.

Each Selenite stick is unpolished, approximately 10cm (4") long, 1.5~2cm thickness.

Please note it may have slight variation in size and imperfection due to rough stone.

Country of origin: Morocco

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