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  • ENS10156 Selenite Stick 5
  • ENS10156 Selenite Stick 6

Smudge Sticks Cleansing Box - White Sage, Blue Sage, Black Sage, Palo Santo, Selenite, Ceramic Burner

S$ 38.00
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Smudge Sticks Cleansing Box contains:  

  • 1 x White Sage Stick 4"  
  • 1 x Blue Sage Stick 4"  
  • 1 x Black Sage Stick 4"  
  • 2 x Palo Santo Sticks 4"  
  • 1 x Selenite Stick 4"  
  • 1 x Oyster Shell Ceramic Burner  

White Sage - Clear negative energy, promotes positivity, calmness.  

Blue Sage - Clear negative energy, spiritual cleansing, relaxation, attracts abundance, wealth.

Black Sage -  Protect against negative entities or energies that may disrupt sleep or dream states, increase lucid dreaming, protection, enhance intuition and psychic abilities.

Palo Santo - Purifying spaces, calming, soothing.  Selenite - Clear negative energy, recharge positive energy, peace, spiritual healing.

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Our Smudge Sticks Cleansing Box is a great start for new beginners and also a wonderful spiritual gift for your loved one.

An instruction card for sage smudge is included in every box.

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