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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (Cananga odorata)

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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, derived from the delicate flowers of the Cananga Odorata tree, is a captivating and sweet-scented oil that has been cherished for centuries. The tree, native to the tropical regions of Asia, particularly Indonesia and the Philippines, produces vibrant yellow blooms whose essence is expertly distilled to create this aromatic elixir. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is renowned for its rich and exotic fragrance, characterized by floral notes with hints of sweetness and a subtle, lingering warmth.

Benefits and Uses

  • Ylang Ylang is celebrated for its ability to uplift the spirits and promote a positive emotional state. Inhaling its sweet aroma can help reduce stress, anxiety, and tension, fostering a sense of well-being.
  • Embrace the romantic allure of Ylang Ylang, as it may enhancing feelings of intimacy and passion. Incorporating it into your environment can create a romantic and soothing ambience.
  • Ylang Ylang is known to have calming properties that may help soothe nervous tension and emotional turbulence. It is often used to restore equilibrium and promote emotional harmony.
  • Diffusing the oil in your living or work space can create a serene atmosphere, promoting a tranquil environment.
  • Add a few drops of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil to your hair care routine to promote healthy-looking and shiny hair. Its nourishing properties can help maintain scalp health and balance oil production.

Botanical Name

Cananga odorata

Extraction Method

Steam Distillation

Plant Part




Main Compounds

Methyl Salicylate, ethyl Benzoate, Cresol, Pinene

Aromatic Description

Floral, sweet and slightly fruity

Perfumery Note


Strength of Initial Aroma

Medium - Strong


Non-toxic, non-irritant, a few cases of sensitization reported. Use in moderation, since its heady scent can cause headaches or nausea. Dilute with carrier oil before apply on skin.

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