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Story of Earth Esprit

Earth Esprit Logo

Earth Esprit started in 2021. The initial plan was so simple that we wish to bring something that could help people in their body, mind, spirit wellness.

We specialize in mindfulness products that are made from natural and sustainable materials. We offer a range of products such as essential oils, diffusers, nebulizers, incense, incense holders, aromatherapy candles, body care items, and energy jewellery.

We are a direct importer and wholesaler. Our products or materials are locally sourced or imported directly from Australia, China, India, Malaysia, USA and around the world to ensure its quality and competitive prices.

Our rule of thumb is to be friendly to the environment, no harm to animals and live spiritually. From sourcing materials, production and packaging, we strictly follow our ethical standards.

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Our products can be used in various purposes:
Living SpaceLiving space
Retail ShopRetail shop
Office SpaceOffice space

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